Lincoln Ocean Victor Eddy

Multimedia Installation: Printed book; MTA CCTV dvd's, sound works, objects, and framed digital photographs. See Project Site: under External Links

Last winter I came back to New York City after living five years abroad. I rented an apartment in Brooklyn and took the subway often. Everyone is in transit, except the officers. I approached one and asked him to search me. I began to accompany this officer on many of his nighttime posts. He was not sure if he could trust me, and I was not sure if I should trust him. We continued to meet despite this.
I kept record of our meetings and logged them in different forms.

With Full Consent features an array of works linked by the investigation of the emotional and philosophical relationship between "protective" institutions and conventions, and individual identity. A prime example is Lincoln Ocean Victor Eddy, a large-scale multimedia project initiated upon the artist's return home after living abroad for five years. When an announcement over the subway PA informed everyone that any passenger may be subject to a search "for security reasons" Magid responded by approaching a police officer and asking him to search her. He refused, but she persisted. Ultimately she infiltrated his world - to a degree - Lincoln Ocean Victor Eddy: police code for love.
Excerpt from Gagosian Press Release With Full Consent, curator Sam Orlofsky

Installation Images from Gagosian Gallery, NYC

Left: Love Chaptersand Our Contract Speer Gold Dot hollow point luger from officer's gun under level 1 bullet resistant polycarbonate. Right: 12 Minutes Taken and Radiotelephony Poster.

Installation Images from Centre d'Art Santa Monica

Installation view The Love Chapters 16 sets of framed photos,12 Minutes Taken MTA CCTV footage.