Theology of Mirrors

Text by Jill Magid, 2002

A pattern's reiteration can be excessive, but pattern itself is systematic. It is formed by the neat succession of ordered blocks.

An insect or an individual covered by the pattern of his environment moves from being The Focal Point of a given space to simply another point in space.

In Mimesis the environment is not an external feature but rather a definition of one's identity.

If I can assimilate myself to a space, erase the boundary between space and my body, I will know
what it is like to be imperceptible.

Mimicry is a luxury, an excess over nature.

Perception is the cutting away of things in the world, the distinctions we make between one thing
and another thing.

To perceive someone you have to separate him from the world.

Love depends on the ability to separate a someone from the everyone. When the Little Prince tames the fox, he cuts that fox away from foxes-in-general to make the fox His Fox.

Eroticism is the blending of one body with another body. It is the Fox blurring with another fox, or the Fox fusing with the Prince. One Fox becoming all foxes. One Prince all princes.